Eyebrow Sculpt & Tint

Eyebrow sculpt and tint is our most popular brow treatment. We use a tint made specifically for the skin which darkens the eyebrow and skin behind the brow creating a fully more dense looking brow.  This is ideal for those people growing their eyebrows back in.  We recommend using a brow growth serum such as RevitaBrow. Come get your brow services at Little Brow Boutique Babylon

Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow extensions are individual synthetic hairs that are applied directly to the skin with a clear, and flexible adhesive.  The Sculpt and Tint treatment is included. 

Men's Brows

Brows can really make or break a person's overall facial attractiveness. Grooming the male brow is one of our specialties. Choose from four different waxes, threading,  or a Tweeze Only.  For those with "wise" hairs, we recommend a natural-looking tint. 

Body Waxing

Did you know that when body waxing is done correctly, it really is almost painless? Men and women should be on a regular waxing cycle for the best results which includes minimizing body odor.  Bye-bye ingrown hairs! 

Lash Lift

Let us lift and tint your natural eyelashes. This is a beautiful service as an alternative to eyelash extensions for those who may be allergic, or for those who do not want to keep up with them.  Results can last 2-3 months. 

Makeup Application

Date night makeup?  Bridal makeup?  Prom makeup? Airbrush makeup, traditional brush makeup, smoky eyes, contoured look, we have you covered (in nothing less than the best). 


No other but the best... James Christian Cosmetics offering everything from Juvederm injections to vampire facelifts, dermapen skin therapy, and Radiesse.  


Simple, quick, and effective facials that give you that burst you need right after a long day at work. Or try our Ready-Set-Go facial that creates a smooth service for a flawless makeup application. 

Growth Serums

This product line works. You will absolutely grow back your natural eyelashes, and eyebrows as long as you follow the directions.  Check in with us for our Revitalash and RevitaBrow sales! 

Brow Products

Little Brow Boutique has personally picked out the best eyebrow cosmetic products to fill in sparse eyebrows, or to create dramatic ones. 

3D Sculpted Eyebrows

Hair strokes of pigment to create a realistic set of eyebrows. 

Little Lash Boutique

Want some awesome, non-damaging and waterproof eyelash extensions? You know who the eyelash professionals are... Little Lash Boutique!