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Little Lash Boutique in Babylon, New York has expanded, bringing you Little Brow Boutique offering more than just our well-known eyebrow services such as the brow sculpt and tint, eyebrow extensions, teen, and men's brow shaping.  

We are permitted and regulated by the Department of Health to perform microblading.

Why are properly shaped eyebrows important? Because it has a strong positive impact on the overall attractiveness of the face.  Make an appointment today.

Keratin Lash Lift

Our keratin lash lift is a beautiful service for those women and men who do not want the maintenance of individual eyelash extensions, or for those who are allergic. We take your natural eyelashes and lift, curl, and tint them. The curl can last 2-3 months, and the tint about a month depending on your water exposure, and aftercare. 

Makeup Application ala carte

Pick the level of makeup you would like applied. Makeup for a night out in the city, interview-ready makeup, wedding makeup, we have you covered. If you are pretty confident with your self-applied face coverage, we have a service called "Eyes only."  We use MAC cosmetics, and Little Brow Boutique products.  Strip lash application is available as well.   


Words by Mary Donnelly

Beholding Eye-Catching Beauty:


For centuries, artists have admired the simple magnificence of the human face. Long before “the selfie” revolutionized portraiture, Warhol, Vermeer and Van Gough studied curves, shadows and symmetry of the face to create some
of society’s most treasured works of art. In the 1940s film Gilda, when Rita Hayworth tossed back her hair to reveal that she was indeed, “decent,” her long, perfectly-curled eyelashes and subtly-arched, shapely and symmetrical eyebrows instantly became distinguishing features of that iconic femme fatale “look.” Since then, millions of women have desired to recreate that look for themselves. Truth is, if I’m ever to look half as decent as Rita Hayworth in that classic scene, it’s going to take a lot of work! Joann Donnelly of Babylon Village knows something about the face as an art form, and just how important the lashes and brows are for enhancing the unique features of every face. She developed a particular interest in eyelash extensions and howthat Rita Hayworth-esque beauty can be achieved by those of us who were not so, um... “ocularly blessed.” What was first a personal interest became a passion, and that passion led to a successful career, but she got into the business in a roundabout way.“One day I overheard a woman in Toys R’ Us talking about having eyelash extensions applied,” she said, indicating that she was intrigued by the idea because she had never heard of it before. “I went home, did a Google search, and found someone locally.”After Donnelly began receiving her own eyelash extensions, she learned more about the products and the process. It was her passion for continual learning that prompted her to seek education specifically
related to facial beauty. “I was actually a psychology major in college,” she said.
Donnelly is now the proprietor of two extremely successful shops in Babylon Village: the four-years young Little Lash Boutique on Deer Park Avenue, and its sister store, Little Brow Boutique, which opened just a few steps away earlier this year Donnelly’s own perfectly-framed eyes sparkle as she recalls memories of opening Little Lash Boutique. “My landlord was really concerned for me,” she said with a chuckle, indicating that the idea of using of prime commercial real estate in Babylon to service eyelashes was a bizarre concept to him. “He was nervous, but hopeful,” she said. But Donnelly was onto something special, and she knew it. At the time she opened Little Lash Boutique in 2013, not too many people in the area offered the services she aimed to provide, and those that did were not up to Donnelly’s strict standards for education, safety, and proper technique.Truth is, anyone can step into one of the dozens of nail salons on the south shore and get a $11 eyebrow wax, and as the demand for eyelash extensions grows, many of the same salons offer eyelash applications for a seemingly-low price.But you pay for what you get. Donnelly acknowledges that while her services may seem pricey to some, they are definitely honest. She only hires employees who exhibit the utmost professionalism and passion for learning. She refers to her staff as a team of “artists,” as each are duly licensed cosmetologists and estheticians, specifically trained and certified in various services for eyelashes and brows. Donnelly’s clients, many of whom began as curious passersby, seem to agree that
there is no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to the beauty and safety of the eyes. News of the innovative services offered by Little Lash Boutique spread
fast, and unstoppable growth necessitated expansion. The recently-opened Little Brow Boutique, Donnelly’s second Babylon Village storefront, occupies the space that was Gaspare Mannina’s shoe repair shop for over fifty years.So why two separate shops? I’ll get to that in a bit...As a professional woman in my late 30s,
I enjoy treating myself to little indulgences for the mind and spirit. One thing I had
not previously considered, however, was spending money on my eyelashes and brows. My mother, who has exceptional natural beauty, never wore a lot of makeup. As I grew up learning by her example, I kept my own cosmetic rituals fairly simple and conservative. Some of my more daring girlfriends had experimented with stick-
on eyelash extensions or “falsies,” as they called them, in the past. While they often looked great, sometimes the extensions seemed garish and overdone. I opted to stay well within my comfort zone, sticking with my trusty mascara wand and eyebrow pencil to get the job done each morning. That was until I learned about an innovative procedure known as the “keratin lash lift.”“This is a great option for people who want more of a natural look,” said Brittany Accardi of Little Lash Boutique and Little Brow Boutique, who is double-certified in the procedure. She explained that she would take each of my individual eyelashes and apply a gentle protein-based solution and tint to provide a prettier frame for my dark brown eyes.“People don’t often realize this, but an eyelash curler can be really damaging,”
Brittany said, citing a number of clients who had come to her with short, sparse, or damaged lashes. She went on to explain that the keratin lift provides the look of a curl without the need for the appliance. “You don’t even have to wear mascara if you don’t want to,” she said, explaining that many clients opt to use a keratin-based last fortifier or a clear mascara instead.I felt completely comfortable in Brittany’s care from start to finish. In fact, I was so comfortable during the approximately hour-long procedure that I might have fallen asleep.That’s not unusual, according to her. “I don’t mind when people fall asleep,” she said. “It means they’re relaxed, and that’s good.”So this explains the two separate shops.“The Brow Boutique is a much more social atmosphere,” said Donnelly. “We play music, we chat with our clients, it’s a different vibe.”The Little Lash Boutique next door has more of a spa-like atmosphere, with music playing softly to promote comfort and relaxation. As clients keep their eyes closed during the procedures, many take advantage of the time to catch a nap.As I opened my own eyes and saw for myself how
transformative the procedure was, I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. My only regret is that I waited so long to have this done. “You’ll wake up every morning like that,” said Brittany with a smile. “At least for the next few months or so until it’s time to come back for another lift.”I will definitely be back, but a little sooner, so Donnelly
can work her magic on my brows. Each client at The Little Last Boutique and Little Brow Boutique receives a personal consultation to make an informed decision about available services for the lashes and brows, because what looks great on one person might not look so good on another. Donnelly’s suggestions are tailored to each client’s unique features and natural beauty. My own brows are fairly neat, but also fairly unremarkable when it comes to shape. She recommended a shaping, sculpting and tinting service, which will offer depth and shape without making me look overdone.Just as our beloved Gaspare’s cobble shop offered an invaluable service to the community, Donnelly’s does as well. 


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